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The Destroyer and the Submarine

In this dream a destroyer had gone into port. An enemy submarine was lying in wait submerged at periscope depth searching for things to destroy. The destroyer was safely at dock, with choirs in bleachers along the dock between it and the submarine. It was getting ready to get under way, but the crew wasn't in any hurry. After all, there was a party going on at the dock and there was danger outside.

The thing is, the captain of the ship was giving orders:

  • He was telling the engine room to fire up the turbines.
  • He was telling the dock handlers to cast off.
  • He was asking the helmsman how fast he could pull away from the dock without hurting anyone and what maximum speed he could make through the harbor safely.
  • He was telling the harbor master that he was pulling out at full speed, he would do the piloting himself without waiting for a guide or tugboat to lead the way, and to keep all the traffic out of his way.
  • He signaled the engine room for full speed, and in this dream, he actually had full speed almost immediately - God fires up turbines quickly.

He pulled out quickly, leaving a white frothy wake behind.

The people under his command wanted to go out in a direction toward their home port. The only problem was that would have put them broadside the submarine - a perfect target.

He ordered the ship to head directly at the small ripple in the water the periscope of the submarine was making. He made ready the depth charges. He went in for the kill. The submarine madly dived and fled.

If you're ex-Navy, please don't pick apart all the inconsistencies - I'm sure there are better ways to handle submarine threats today. If you're an ex-bubble head, don't take offense at the Satan-submarine symbology and tell me what a wonderful target the destroyer would represent to today's technology. Instead, think about the message.

Where is your church today? Where are you today? Are you tied up at the dock where you are safe? Are you even on the ship or are you out partying with the choir? Do you want to get under way, but are waiting for the world to lead you out of the harbor and to tell you which way to go?

God is urging His church forward, and at the maximum possible speed. He is calling you to battle. First, to deal with the sins, attitudes, situations, and trespasses that drag you down and keep you personally tied up. After they are dispatched, then He is calling you to join with His church to battle the enemy. Satan doesn't generally leap out and get in your face. He's submerged, looking for targets he can dispatch without revealing his presence and then slink away unseen.

The enemy doesn't expect you to go straight for him. He is used to dealing with a church that is afraid to venture forth these days from the safety of the institutional / denominational / corporate church culture that says, "If you need help, you know where we are and if you are enough like us, we might help." He certainly doesn't expect that the Christian church in America is going to attack him directly. Be sure that Satan will give way when God (not you by yourself or your church by itself) starts to make war against him.

Just make sure that you are part of a crusade that God is leading. Don't start a battle that you think sounds good or might be a battle that a good person or church that calls itself Christian should probably fight. That could put you broadside the torpedoes path. Remember also, that God commanded us to love our enemies. The battle is against principalities and powers of Satan, not against people. The Christian church in America frequently loses sight of this. Fight in God's battle that He has brought against His enemies and let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Remember that the armor of God doesn't protect the back. Don't be left at the dock saying, "But, I was supposed to be on that ship! Come back! Wait for me!" You don't want to have to run across the water to catch up. A good way to start taking part in the battle is joining with other Christians in prayer.

God isn't waiting any longer. He is calling His church to action. What position do you want to serve in? What do you need to do to get qualified with God's weapons of war? He needs prayer warriors. He needs Spirit filled people to work through. He needs people to witness in the enemies back yards.

He needs you!