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Kid's Questions of the Day

In my Sunday School class we have a box that any kid can add a question to, anonymously. The only restrictions are that they have to in some way be related to the Bible. It's a great idea for Sunday School teachers out there.

Some of the questions that get asked have answers, I'm sure, but the Bible doesn't give them. Others may have many answers, and I don't claim to be exhaustive in the answers I give here. Hopefully, they'll help some of you out as well. The answers here are a bit more substantial than the answers given in class as the target audience is wider.

About God

About Jesus

About the Holy Spirit

About the Bible

About Prehistoric Times

About Old Testament Characters

About New Testament Characters

About Christianity

About Living

About Witnessing

About Salvation

About the Rapture and Tribulation

About Heaven

About Satan

Personal Questions