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The Parking Lot

I had a dream of going to a shopping center in a big city. When we arrived, we all started going toward the entrance to the shopping center. The parking lot was huge, and there were places where you could skate on straight roller like paths that took little effort but let you make quick progress toward the entrance.

Eventually we made it to a red line painted on the street and stepped over it. Some had made it quickly, and some were struggling and out of breath from the long walk.

At this point we started worrying about where and how we'd parked and whether we'd parked in the right spot or not and whether our car would be all right. We were sure we'd parked wrong and the car would get a ticket or be towed while we were inside shopping or applying for a job.

We wanted to go talk to the police officer who was in charge of the lot to make sure everything was all right, but we were told the officer didn't want to be bothered with outside details. He didn't care how you'd parked. He didn't care whether your car was expensive or a beater. The particular moving violations or parking violations you'd committed weren't relevant once you'd entered the mall.

You see, the police officer was worried that the parking lot was mostly empty, and that there were so few people who had made the trek from the parking lot to cross the red line.

And that's so like God today. What He cares about is that you've accepted Christ as Savior - crossed the red line on the pavement.

It isn't important whether you struggled with the decision and arrived out of breath or if you made the choice easily and early. What you left behind in the parking lot is no longer important. The parking lot is your life that you're leaving behind when you accept Christ as Savior. The past is the past. It's covered in the blood and He doesn't want you or anyone else that has crossed the red line to go back and worry about where you've parked. He also doesn't want you to go back out and get back in your car (no matter how expensive it is or how proud you are of it). You're here to shop.

What He cares about is that the parking lot is mostly empty... so many of the spots that were laid out for people to come to shop are empty of cars. The shopping center was created to serve billions. But a relatively few people have come to shop. Many are dawdling toward the entrance, sitting in their cars, or not even pulling into the lot.

If you're looking for a place to shop and looking at all the things the world offers, pull into God's Parking Lot. There's lots of room for your car. But of all the shopping centers out there, there's just one with a red line of Christ's blood at the entrance.