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Can the Holy Spirit heal people?

Can the Holy Spirit heal people?

There are three gifts of the Spirit which are generally classified as working gifts or gifts of power. The gift of healing is included in these three gifts. They are called working gifts because they manifest or show God's omnipotence and set man free from the works of the devil and make changes to the natural course of events as needed to accomplish the will of God.

The curse of death and disease was not God's original plan for man. His plan was for His creation to walk with Him as friends for all time. When humans sinned, they were cut off from the garden of Eden and lost their access to the tree of life. This tree was the means by which God provided healing for humanity from the time of creation. It should be noted that in the millennium, there will also be trees that are available to generally heal all diseases for those who enter the tribulation from the tribulation period or are born. Those who have died or go in the rapture get glorified bodies that don't suffer corruption.

But man's sin let the curse of illness, disease, and death begin to work on God's creation. That doesn't mean that He stopped caring about His creation. Throughout the Bible, God's caring and desire to heal his followers is evident. There are many promises of healing from cover to cover, and some of the names of God refer to His healing power. But sin stood between God and humanity.

In the Old and New Testament, there are different approaches to healing. In some cases in the Old Testament, a symbol was used for healing the people. In other cases, God used individual acts of the Holy Spirit working through individuals for healing and raising from the dead. In the New Testament, the baptism of the Holy Spirit provides God's means for His people to help show His power till His return. Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit and that allowed Him to heal. This power was given to the apostles and then the church through the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is still alive in Christianity today.

Many times, illness comes from sin. Other times, illness comes from the direct attack of the devil. But our in-born sin as humans gives the initial curse that allows illness to happen. Sometimes, although we don't like to acknowledge it, illness or body problems occur that God's power may be manifest. Such was the reason Jesus gave for the reason someone who was blind was in that state.

God's power is enough to heal anything that is wrong with His creation. This is incontrovertible fact. It must also be noted that God doesn't need man's help for healing or other miracles. He simply does them. He does them for His glory and because He loves us. Doctors and medicine can fix many things and heal the body of many diseases. Doctors are getting better all the time at understanding and fixing up the body. But God doesn't use them to do His work. His work is His work and doesn't need any help. All He needs is our asking for help and our faith in His ability.

Some words He has given to day on the subject are Draw nigh for healing and God's promise for healing. A testimony about healing is found in God the Healer. I have experienced healings in my family and have heard other testimonies of healing from those people I know. God is still in the healing business. Never doubt that.

Sometimes, healings don't happen and that is tough to deal with. Most times when Jesus healed someone, the results were according to the faith of the person involved. Those were Jesus words. Modern technology has done great things, but it has also shaken our faith. We hear a cancer diagnosis and the doctor can give us 6 month, 1 year, and 5 year survival rates for what we have, depending on what course of treatment we take and how advanced the cancer is when we first see the doctor. Hearing things like that can shake faith before we even go to God in prayer. So faith is a big part of outcomes when we ask God for intervention. Also, we always have to remember that as Christians, what awaits us is far better than what we have here on this Earth. It's a great planet, but it isn't heaven. What is truly best for us? If God heals us, what will await us in our future here on the planet? What will await our families? These are weighty questions that we don't know the answer to and can never answer on our own, but I believe that God sees what will happen and the choices we will make. Sometimes, He doesn't heal for our own good, even if we or possibly the ones left behind can't or aren't able to see that now and will have to wait to see why when they reach heaven and talk with Him.

Jesus didn't heal every person that was sick when He was on Earth. It isn't recorded that He failed to heal anyone who came to Him or was brought to Him. But He always followed the Holy Spirit's leading, including where He should go and when He should move on. So God arranged many of these meetings because He had a purpose in demonstrating that Jesus was the Son of God - the Messiah - the promised one. He still has that purpose, and He is still arranging meetings. Now that purpose isn't to bring glory to the person being used of God by the Holy Spirit to heal. That purpose is to show that everything the Bible said happened was true and is still true and that the prophecies that are yet unfulfilled will come about. That purpose is to glorify God. God wants to pour out the Holy Spirit on all believers so that many, many, many in the world will see the truth of Christianity through the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But each believer must be led of the Spirit just like Jesus was. Jesus was successful because He did the works He saw His Father - God - doing. We need to be just a full of the Spirit and have just as discerning eyes as Christ had and battle the true cause of illness whether disease or satanic.

Jesus shed His blood for our salvation and took the stripes of a Roman whip for our healing. He paid the price already for everything in the past from man's creation until the last person has gone into the millennium and all born during that period. He has bridged the gap between God and man. It is up to us to allow ourselves to be used of the Holy Spirit to carry on that work everywhere. God still wants to heal. The way that He provided in the New Testament is still working today.