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Will there be more than seven years?

Will there be more than seven years?

Yes. Let's talk a little bit about the timing of the rapture and the tribulation period.

There will be no warning of when the rapture occurs. The word rapture itself doesn't occur in the Bible but is taken from the phrase "carried off" or "caught up" used in 1 Thes. 4:17.

After this there is a seven year period of tribulation broken up loosely into two three and one half year periods of lesser followed by greater tribulation.

After that, Christ returns and sets up rule for a period of 1,000 years. During this period Satan and his forces are bound so the only thing mankind has to fight is their own natural proclivity to sin. After the 1,000 year rule, Satan is once again loosed and ends up convincing many to fight against Christ. After this final battle, Satan is defeated and the great white throne judgment ends the majority of detailed prophecy in the Bible when the wicked dead are judged and cast, along with Satan and its angels, are cast into the lake of fire for the rest of eternity.

It is safe to stop worrying about 2012 in terms of the end of the world. Even if Christ should choose to come today, the world will still be around for at least 1007 more years.