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Do you think that the Lord will come back in our lifetime?

Do you think that the Lord will come back in our lifetime?

Yes. I even think the Lord will come back in my lifetime. This isn't meant as a prophetical word at all. It is simply a statement of what I believe and how I read what is going on in the world.

As far as I know, all of the prophecies required to be satisfied before Christ's return are done. The Jewish people are preparing to reestablish temple sacrifices. Some question the time it would take to build a new temple, but with modern construction techniques this really wouldn't take long, and a temple could be a simple tent as far as God's history is concerned.

Combine this with the antagonism toward Christianity and the increasing difficulties of remaining anonymous with some going so far as to suggest that everyone should be "chipped" at birth to facilitate identification and authentication, and I'd say we are even closer than most think. The mark of the beast mentioned in Revelation wouldn't have been possible a decade ago. Now the technology is proven and is in place in a few commercial resort locations. Tie the chip to your credit card, outlaw cash, and the anti-Christ is set. It's already almost impossible to cash a check in a nearby town and getting harder even in your home town.

If you look at the old Roman empire and what is going on in it, there is "Arab Spring" revolution from one end to another with old dynasties falling and nothing concrete taking their place. The European bloc is struggling with overextended countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Ireland. When they start imploding the entire European block is going to be thrown in disarray and may drag everybody else with them. So I think it a propitious time for the anti-Christ to establish himself somewhere. Some have predicted Syria, and it is interesting that that country, among all the rest, is withstanding the turmoil that has swept other leaders from power.

So all, in all, I'd have to say yes. I believe it will happen in your lifetime.

Regardless of that, you never know when something will happen to you unexpectedly, so you shouldn't put off getting ready because the tribulation will be a very bad time to be alive on the earth.