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Do you think God will turn on us?

Do you think God will turn on us?

God's goal is to see His creation turn to Him.

Remember that this has been His goal since He created mankind and mankind chose to disobey Him and fell from their original state through their sin (see Gen. 3:15 for His prophecy about sending Christ as our Savior).

It was His goal for the Israelis as well, and things went well for them as long as they obeyed His commands. When they fell into disobedience he sent prophets to warn His people to turn back to Him. Eventually, when they failed to heed His laws and the warnings of the prophets, He allowed their enemies to win in battles and take them captive. Even then, He loved them, and knew that they would eventually repent and turn back to Him. But for a generation of people, it was certainly true from their perspective that God had turned on them.

In reality, their parents had turned on God first, but this is frequently forgotten by the next generation. God's ultimate goal is for His people to come and be reconciled through Christ's sacrifice to Him. He would prefer that this happen without it ever having to appear that he had turned on us. But His will is going to be done, ultimately.

Will God turn on our country like He did on Israel? That is a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, there are many people who are genuinely trying to do His will here. On the other hand, there are many who are in abject rebellion to Him. The pendulum seems to be swinging toward evil as opposed to righteousness. It has gotten so bad that other countries are actually sending missionaries to the United States to try to win the people to Christ. I hope that God doesn't choose to turn His back on us, but He may reach a limit much as He did so often with the Jewish people. I cannot rule this out, so I must simply say that this is possible. Hopefully those who are trying to live for Him will find favor in spite of adversity much as Daniel and his group did under Babylon (Dan 1:3-17 and ff).

I would also like to point out that Satan is actively working against God's church and Christians. We may never do anything great enough for God to be worthy of Satan's notice of us, but we need to always pray for one another that we will stay in God's will and that God will continue helping us from day to day.

As we walk with Him and continue to do what we see the Father doing, He will continue to warn us and direct us and guide us just as He did the apostles. Many of them were martyred, just as many Christians today are martyred. But that doesn't mean that God has turned against us. He is waiting with open arms to welcome those who have sacrificed for Him to heaven with rejoicing. That doesn't make it easier for us to handle, but He will never turn against His children unless they turn from Him first.

When the Church goes to meet Christ in the air, God will actively begin a period of tribulation on the Earth the like of which the world has never seen. There will be 3 1/2 years of lesser tribulation and 3 1/2 years of greater tribulation. But even then, the Holy Spirit will be working on men's hearts trying to bring them to God. When the anti-Christ institutes his plan to mark the people of his domain with a mark to prevent buying or selling without the mark, and commands that the people worship him, God sends His angel through the air sending the word to the entire world to not take the mark and spreading the Gospel Message. Everyone will hear the message in their native language so that nobody will be ignorant of the stakes (Mt. 24:4-34; Rev 14:6-11). Even in the midst of tribulation, God doesn't turn his back. He is still reaching out to people to try to draw them to Him.