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Do you get to bring your pet to heaven?

Do you get to bring your pet to heaven?

The Bible gives no indication that your pets or animals go to heaven when they die. God could certainly do so if He wished but there is no indication in the Bible that He does so. I've had some pastors say they've had dreams about their animals in heaven. Whether these are dreams or visions from God is unknown. But there is nothing we can rely on in Scripture to support the position.

There will clearly be animals around. In the millennium, they will coexist in peace as they were originally meant to (Isa. 65:17-25).

In the rapture, it is only those who have accepted Christ as Savior who are translated to meet Christ in the air (1 Th. 4:13-18).

You need to be sure that you make it to heaven. The alternative is bad. Don't let a love for your animals get in the way of making a decision for Christ.